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Vittoria Rubino Pro TLR G2.0 Folding Tire

Designed for intensive training, it is equally suitable for racing events. The Rubino Pro tubeless ready builds on the standard Rubino platform, utilizing the same exclusive 3C Graphene 2.0 compound structure, long service life, puncture protection, and sharp handling traits, but substitutes a folding bead material for reduced weight.

Features of the Vittoria Rubino Pro TLR G2.0

- all-rounder for any condition
- Tubeless Ready folding tire
- 3 compounds for best speed, grip, and suppleness.
- 150 TPI Nylon casing for high mileage.
- functional Graphene 2.0 compound for increased wet grip

Technologies of Vittoria Rubino Pro TLR G2.0

Vittoria 3C is a layering process, using 3 separate compounds in the same tread. The different properties of each compound, including the "Graphene 2.0", allow for the improved experience under all circumstances.

Graphene 2.0 (G2.0) Rubber Compound
GRAPHENE 2.0 (G 2.0) takes the original Graphene compound foundation that Vittoria built, and functionalizes the advancements in performance, for each specific application. In other words, where the first generation of graphene compounds raised the bar evenly, Graphene 2.0 pin-points each performance metric, and increases it disproportionally to the rest.

Vittoria is now able to apply Graphene in such a way that it can achieve a performance boost specifically for speed, wet grip, durability, and puncture resistance.

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